What to Look for in a Golf Teacher

Before you go on a hunt for the right golf instructor, first decide what you’re trying to accomplish by taking the lessons. Do you want to fix a specific problem you struggle with, do you want to prepare for an upcoming tournament, or just simply become a better overall player? Also, how much money are you willing to spend? The more the experience of the instructor, the more they will probably charge for passing on their expertise.

Once you’ve determined what needs to be taught, it will be easier to find the right fit.

Certain factors to keep in mind are as follows:


What is the teacher’s communication style, teaching philosophy and how is their patience level? These are all things to look out for in determining the level of compatibility you two share. Also, do you both share the same forms of communication that you’re comfortable with? And how well do they follow up? Does the teacher text, call, email, or check-in with you and your progress? These are all important factors when making your choice.

Accreditation and Experience

Is the instructor an active member of the PGA or LPGA? It will probably be helpful for your teacher to have at least one of these accreditations, as they must go through years of training to receive that title. It also might not hurt to check in with the instructor’s track history. What do former or current students say about them? References are great where you can swing them.

Playing Ability and Style

With the various technologies that are now out there to assist in your golf game, it is sometimes hard to know whether an instructor actually has chops or is just relying on a fancy piece of machinery to make those ace shots. What’s the instructor’s competitive background? How many tournaments have they won, or nearly won? However, their personal ability is not the only thing you should consider. Just because they aren’t a championship golfer doesn’t mean they can’t be a great teacher.

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