When to Replace Your Golf Glove

If you’re looking up the question of when to replace your golf glove, the answer is, “right now.” Or, “yesterday.”

But that’s just the short answer.

Golf gloves are complicated. You’ve probably taken a break from golf before. You return to your bag, dig around in the pocket, and find that your golf glove has turned into a sad, dirty, shriveled thing reminiscent of used carwash rags. What happened? And can you try to breathe life back into your ancient glove by putting it on and stretching it out a bit? Not really.

Think of your golf gloves like a pair of nice sandals. They do, over time, reach that perfect broken-in point where they fit comfortably and give you an extra spring in your step. However, at a certain point, they wear out and need to be replaced. You don’t keep wearing the same old leather sandals. Why would you continue to wear the same old leather glove?

Indications You Should Get a New Glove

  1. It’s dirty. If the white looks more like post-slide baseball pants than a butler’s glove, it’s probably time to assess your glove’s health. Over time, your grimy hands and sweat and nature’s dirt will discolor the glove. While pristine color is not the only reason to switch gloves (unless you’re super fancy), it can be a good indication of how long you’ve been using the glove, which tells you if it’s time for a replacement.
  2. It’s crispy. Yes, a crispy glove. I said it. We all know what that means. Your glove is so permeated with hand sweat that it hardens in your golf bag. It becomes better suited for a science project than a piece of sporting equipment. Don’t keep forcing your hand into a hardened glove.
  3. It doesn’t fit right. Over time your glove will warp, due to the sweat mentioned above. If you put it on and it feels too small, lay the thing to rest and go pick up a new one.
  4. You play A LOT of golf. If you’re a serious golfer, you might need more than one glove in your arsenal. You might even switch them out during a single round. You might alternate between gloves each day. If gloves are like shoes, you’re the rainy day marathon runner. You’ve gotta let the shoes dry before you run again. You’ve gotta let the glove sweat evaporate before you swing again.
  5. The glove is damaged. If there’s any holes in your glove, you don’t need me to tell you that you need a new one.

Caring For Your Golf Glove

Gloves will wear out over time. You cannot use the same one forever – don’t even try. Appreciate each golf glove for its lifetime, and then retire it to the trash when it no longer serves your game. Here are the best ways to prolong a glove’s lifespan:

  1. Don’t get your glove wet. That means you don’t grab a wet water bottle, don’t hold a wet golf ball, and don’t plunge your hand into any water hazards. Don’t even touch your sweaty face. You ever get a pair of shoes wet and feel like they’re ruined? FUBAR? Same thing with a leather glove.
  2. Be mindful when storing your golf glove. If you crumple the poor thing and stuff it into a pocket, it will harden in that position (yuck). That means your glove will be nice and crispy when you dig it out next time. If you must shrink it down somehow, just fold it in half nicely. Best case scenario, you can store it flat without folding or warping it.

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