When to Replace Your Golf Shoes

Think about your latest pair of workout shoes. Running shoes. Favorite sneakers. You probably replace them relatively frequently! After a year or two of solid use, sneakers tend to deteriorate. The soles aren’t as comfortable. If they are athletic sneakers such as cleats, they might require replacement because the spikes are showing signs of wear. Golf shoes encounter the same issues.

It’s easy to throw a pair of shoes into your golf bag and forget about them and keep using the same pair of golf shoes for YEARS. I’ll admit – I’m a culprit of this – I once used the same pair for four years. However, golf shoes get more wear and tear than you might think to give them credit for.

In a regular golf round of 18 holes, you can walk up to five miles. If you golf often, those miles add up. The spikes in your shoes will gradually become damaged and provide less traction and support. At a certain point, you might as well just wear regular tennis shoes because your golf shoes will have no real grip.

There is no magic number of months or golf rounds for when you’ll need to replace your shoes. Just pay attention to the inner soles of the shoes and their quality, as well as the spikes and treads.

Here’s how your golf shoe situation should be for maximum efficiency and use:

  1. Only put your shoes on when you are getting ready to golf! Don’t wear them on the range, the parking lot, in the car, or (worst of all) as regular shoes. You’ll significantly reduce the lifespan of your shoes. Instead, keep your shoes in a dedicated shoebox or pocket of your bag, and wear slip-ons to the course until you are absolutely ready to step up to that first tee.
  2. Be critical during shoe shopping. You might be worried about appearance – which is a valid concern at golf and country clubs. However, if you purchase a better-looking pair of shoes that is less comfortable, you will regret it. Always opt for comfort over style. And don’t compromise! Shop around at a few places and try on different styles before you settle on a pair. You will be wearing them on some very long walks after all.
  3. If you get nice golf shoes, look for ones with replaceable spikes. This increases the longevity of the shoe because you can only replace the spikes, instead of going shoe shopping. This is especially true if you stumble upon shoes that are extremely comfortable. When you buy the shoes, buy the extra pair of spikes so you have them on-hand when you need them.
  4. If you find great shoes but you don’t want to deal with spike replacement, consider purchasing two pairs of the golf shoes. You can rotate between them or you can wear one pair down and switch to the second pair. This tip goes for most shoes, honestly.

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