Why the Golfing Public Struggles

Incredible improvements have been made in golf equipment over the last twenty years. Titanium drivers and an amazing evolution of golf ball performance have done very little to lower scores for the general public. There are several factors that have inhibited average golfers from lowering scores. At the top of this list is lack of instruction.

While people are playing with clubs that are far superior to those of the past and playing on courses that are kept in better shape their scores have not improved. Golf, like any, sport takes practice, proper equipment and most of all proper instruction. The promises of the major golf manufacturers and magazines more often than not leave the average golfer confused and offer little to no actual improvement. While golf magazines may offer legitimate drills and swing tips it is nearly impossible for someone to determine which of these tips is right for them. In fact many times one issue of a golf magazine will have swing tips and drills that have been designed for very different golf swings. Some drills will be better suited for a one plane swing, or flatter, and others for a two plane, or steeper swing. It is impossible for a beginner or average skill golfer to make sense of these and use them properly. There is however one simple answer to all of these problems. Golfers need to take more lessons! There are golfers that will buy new clubs every year hoping that something will magically click and their game will improve.

The answer to better golf scores can be found at your local course. By simply finding a qualified PGA Teaching Professional and signing up for a lesson or two scores will start to come down. It is best to take lessons from several different teachers before deciding on a long term program. For every learning style there is a teaching style. Some people learn visually and others through feel and repetition. It is important to find the right match with your PGA teacher. This will help your game far more than a new set of clubs found in the latest round of advertisements.

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