Introducing the Industry’s Only Live & Real-Time Tournament Budget Calculator

Our friends over at have been busy this year, with the new revamp of their website and setting up Regional Tournament Offices in Los Angeles/Long Beach, Northern California, Atlanta, New York/New Jersey, and Texas. Along with all of these new resources to assist tournament planners comes one that we wanted to highlight in this week’s blog, because we think it’s going to revolutionize the tournament planning industry.

The Tournament Budget Calculator is the golf tournament planning industry’s only live & real-time calculator that estimates the pricing for your upcoming tournament after taking you through a step-by-step process of selecting the options you want at your upcoming event. This includes everything from location you want to host the event (though you don’t necessarily need to select a specific golf course – we’ll make suggestions for you!), how many players (and non-players) will attend, what food & beverage options you’d like available, and what on-course or on-site amenities and games you’d like set up.

This is a completely FREE resource offered online that allows anyone to quickly and simply get an estimate of what an upcoming tournament might cost – and it also gives tournament planners the option of speaking directly with Regional Tournament Experts who can suggest great tournament-ready venue options available for the date you want, within the budget you set, in the area you live or work.

It takes all the stress and confusion out of the tournament planning process, and it helps you better understand your venue options, and visualize your tournament day. The team at wants to minimize the surprises and roadblocks you encounter as you head toward your tournament day, and their Tournament Budget Calculator is just one way of helping out novice & pro planners alike.

This is a great online tool to at least try out if you’re a tournament planner, and while you’re at the site, you can also check out the other free resources the site offers – an updated blog with articles written by experts, giving advice on tournament planning and fundraising; a series of online videos with valuable tips & tricks; and even a downloadable tournament guide and detailed checklist to help as you continue your planning process.

To find out more about the new Tournament Budget Calculator, click here for the press release.

Or head to to try it out yourself.





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