9 Celebrity Golfers Who Love the Game

You need to look no further than the celebrity pro-am golf tournaments of the past few years to see that the overall talent level of celebrity golfers around the world is on the rise. What used to be an occasion to show off a new pair of plaid pants while telling bad jokes and getting triple-digit club swings in is now just as competitive as a PGA tour event.

Golf is a huge undertaking for celebrities, and many take pride in their game. Golf offers great opportunities for networking, and it also can act as a safe and (sometimes) relaxing way for athletes, singers, actors, and other people in the spotlight to spend their downtime. Here are a few of the top golfers with famous faces you may recognize from somewhere besides the links.

Our List of 9 Favorite Celebrity Golfers

Michael Phelps

The 18-time Olympic Golf medalist has put the clubs down for one more shot at swimming glory in Rio. Before that, however, his golf game was showing real progress, appearing on the Golf Channel’s “Haney Project” and sinking a putt that almost needed a relay team.

Justin Timberlake

Timberlake is proving there’s almost nothing he can’t do to getting his golf game down to a 6 handicap. He hosts a PGA Tour Event (Justin Timberlake Shriner’s Open), owns a golf course in Memphis, and has brought 90’s TV dance moves to Pebble Beach.

Anne Murray

The four-time Grammy winner who has sold 54-million albums in her career probably wouldn’t surprise you if she shot a 54. She lends her name to the Anne Murray Charity Golf Classic and proves that she still is ‘Just Another Woman in Love’…with her 11 handicap.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg recently made news by building a pristine golf course in his backyard, but he’s not just a rich golf super-fan. Wahlberg is a good golfer with a seven handicap who loves to play pranks and make friendly bets with some of golf’s greatest players, including Bubba Watson and Rory McIllroy.

Alice Cooper

Cooper claims that golf literally saved his life, preferring 18 holes over 12 steps. He has written a golf-themed memoir and is a supposed 5.3 handicap.

Michael Jordan

To give you an example of Jordan’s golf prowess, he has twice as many NBA titles (6) than strokes in his handicap (3). He is also an infamous high-stakes gambler (and worth about a billion dollars) so think twice before answering when MJ asks you into his foursome.

Kelly Rohrbach

The needle is moving up for Ms. Rohrbach. Not only was she named SI’s 2015 Swimsuit Rookie of the Year and pegged to take on the iconic role of Pamela Anderson’s CJ Parker in the Baywatch reboot, she also plays golf in the low 80’s.

Tony Romo

In 2009, Golf Digest ranked Romo as their #1 golfer among pro athletes as the Dallas QB even attempted to qualify for the US Open in the past. Injuries have curbed his game for the present, but when the 36-year-old decides to hang up his cleats, you can bet some golf spikes are in the plans.

Bill Murray

No list of celebrity golfers would be compete without the actor who brought Carl Spackler to life. Murray is a constant at celebrity golf tournaments, and has a purported eight handicap.

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