Five Terrible Playing Partners on the Golf Course

1) The Hot Head

Mr. Explosive. The club thrower. The club breaker. If you are yelling and screaming when your 8 iron flies the green, you might want to put it in check. It’s really not fun to be with you as you vent a week’s worth of frustration from the office on the golf course. Remember, we come to the course to have fun.

2) The 6-hour Round Guy

He plays by the rules. Every rule. He’s back to the tee when he can’t find his ball in the trees after shooting a 45 on the front. He putts out everything, but not before he looks at that 2-footer from both sides and plumb bobs it to boot. He is still in the hole when he’s hacking his eighth from the bunker. Pick it up already. We love golf, but we want to go home before sunset.

3) Mr. Oblivious

So into his own game he should be a single. If he drives the cart, you need to remind him to go back to your ball. He patiently waits by his ball in the fairway while you look for yours in the trees. When he’s not telling you about his game, he’s asking you what you think of his. Remember, you’re on the course to play with your friends or make new ones. The other players in your group aren’t your gallery.

4) Mr. McMulligan

You know him. He plays like he’s on a driving range. He isn’t content to replay a shot in his mind, he’s dropping another. Over and over again. Two off the tee, when the first is in play. He hits another approach because he missed the green. No worries about the three groups backed up behind you or the 2 and a half hour front nine. He going full bore. He plays once a week and he wants to get it right.

5) The Human Ball Retriever

This guy has his ball retriever for a reason. He uses it! He can’t pass a lake or a pond without taking a spin over to it and pulling out the “low-hanging fruit.” Ten minutes later, he has ten balls on the deck, two of which are keepers. He has no problem scaling down a ravine to hunt for balls when his is on the green. He hasn’t bought a ball in years. If you want to save some money or go on an Easter egg hunt, maybe you should do it alone. You probably don’t need 3 guys with questionable attire watching you.

Remember to enjoy your friends. Enjoy your golf. Think about the group and the other players on the course, and we will all have a more enjoyable experience.

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