Leap Day Golf – How We Celebrate

Happy Leap Day everyone! Not that anybody needed an excuse to golf, but every four years we get one, and it has nothing to do with a caucus or gold medals. Yes, Leap Day is when 60-year-olds born on February 29 can finally celebrate their fifteenth birthday… but it’s also becoming a sort of golf holiday. Not only is late February about the perfect time of year when most of North America is sick of the cold and looking for any excuse to break out the clubs – four years gives people plenty of time to nurse their hangovers and apologize to their spouse before the next event.

Maybe it’s the proximity to St. Patrick’s Day, Fat Tuesday, and football’s biggest bowl that has created the revelry behind Leap Day Golf, or maybe it’s just the excitement of being the recognized “official” opening of golf season across many of the colder states but whatever the case, the event has gathered a party atmosphere. Here are some of the reasons to make Leap Day Golf a celebration near you.

$29 Specials

Leap Day is all about the celebration of the number 29, which works out perfectly for those looking to golf on that day. This is a nice opportunity for clubhouses to offer $29 all-inclusive specials that include 18 holes, a meal, and a drink. Depending on the turf condition, carts can be thrown in as well.

It Benefits the Golf Course

For the golf course, offering a Leap Day event is all reward and no risk. After all, they don’t have to prepare the greens or even place the tees, as most golfers are just excited to get out for first time that season. February 29 can serve as the perfect date to offer “membership specials” for summer 2016. Leap Day is not only a free day on the calendar, but it serves as an opportunity for a golf course to make money when it normally wouldn’t.

The Weather Should Permit

Early February forecasts for February 29 are predicting temperatures near 50° in New York and sunny, approaching 40° in Chicago with similar expectations for states in between. The only thing that could put a wrench in Leap Day Golf is bitter cold, but early reports aren’t indicating this to be a factor. It may even be warm enough for golfers to break out some new holiday gift equipment and apparel!

What Else Do You Have Planned?

Leap Day falls on a Monday this year and it presents an ideal opportunity for a 3-day weekend. A day of golf and celebrating the “extra” day sure sound better than much else. Leap Day Golf is a perfect kick-off to the season and a time when golfers everywhere can celebrate the day. Don your John Daly pants and your two-drink hard hat and head to the first hole.

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