The 10 Coolest Golfing Celebrities to Round Out Your Foursome

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#10- Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle makes our list easily. Not only is the guy a golf nut, but he’s also one of the most humble and talented people in Hollywood. His work in front of the camera and behind it has earned all kinds of praise and accolades, but his work as a humanitarian and philanthropist is equally impressive. Apparently, he’s also a pretty good poker player, so the 19th Hole would probably be a blast.




#9- Joe Pesci

Golf joke: What do you call a tough 5-footer? A: Joe Pesci. Joe makes the list because he would definitely be the guy to talk smack in the group and give everyone a hard time. He’d also probably be pretty funny. Funny how? You know, funny… nevermind. Also, an outburst of rage on any blow-up hole he had would undoubtedly be one of the coolest things ever.




#8- Jack Nicholson

It’s hard to imagine this guy doing something that is not cool. Jack picked up the game in his 50s, but got bit with the bug badly. He’s appeared on the cover of Golf Digest and does most of his practicing by hitting range balls into the canyon that sits beyond his backyard. Count on Jack to play the entire round with his sunglasses on.




#7- Larry David

Some people will definitely not agree with Larry making our list, because people simply love to hate him. However, we’ve put him on because you can virtually guarantee he will prevent anyone from lying about their scores – he is the ultimate whistle-blower and rules stickler, except for when it comes to himself.





#6- Kevin Nealon

It’s hard to think of someone who might be more fun to be around than Kevin Nealon. The guy has had a long and successful career and is just flat out hilarious. He’s an avid golfer and he had a little cameo in Happy Gilmore.






#5- Ray Romano

Another funny guy on the list, Ray has the bravery of a select few – he was willing to put his golf game on full display during the Haney Project. Ray reminds us that, although he is wildly successful, golf is still extremely humbling and just about everyone is pretty terrible at it. Ray can round out the foursome because his game is probably pretty similar to the rest of ours.




#4- Charles Barkley

Oh Chuck… for years, you have been the butt of so many jokes about the golf swing. Like Ray Romano, you put your game on full public display on the Haney Project. This only offered more evidence that you very may well have the worst golf swing in the universe. But Barkley is always good natured about his golf game – he can laugh at himself and never seems too serious. Chuck would make our foursome because it would probably be one of the few opportunities where you could beat a Hall of Fame athlete at a sport.



#3- Michael Jordan

Who wouldn’t want to play golf with MJ? One of the greatest athletes of all time, Jordan is also one of the best known non-pro golfers. A 6’6″ guy swinging a golf club would be an impressive feat in itself; couple that with the fact that he can’t wear a golf glove because his fingers are covered in NBA Championship rings, Jordan makes the list because he would bring an intense competitiveness to the foursome – just hope you’re on his side because the man doesn’t lose.



#2- Samuel L. Jackson

The epitome of cool, Jackson’s presence on the big screen has been magnetizing for decades. Most know that Jackson is a golf nut; most do not know that he is actually the highest grossing actor of all-time (his films have made more than $7.4 billion). Jackson makes the list because he would be able to will in all putts by intimidating golf balls with his vast selection of swear words.




#1- Bill Murray

Bill tops out our list not only because he’s hilarious and loves the game, but he also played the part of the iconic Carl Spackler in the most legendary golf movie of all time, Caddyshack. Playing golf with Bill Murray is probably like playing basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters: it would be fun and entertaining, and you might actually learn something, before realizing the whole thing was a complete joke.


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