The Best Golf Trick Shots [VIDEO]

The game of golf takes years to master. And in the years of transforming from holes shanker to ball striker, golfers have a little fun and learn a couple shots that, while impractical, are pretty cool demonstrations of skill and control. So we took it upon ourselves to scour the web and compile videos of the best golf trick shots from around the globe. Enjoy!

#1 Golf Trick Shot by Gareth Maybin & Sportsriq

This video is our favorite for the sheer variety of shots on display. Gareth Maybin, a little known professional golfer from Northern Ireland, may not have the game of the world’s top players, but his trick shots are second to none.

#2 Phil Mickelson’s Famous Backward Shot

Phil has long been thought of as the master of the short game, but this shot might just be the finest example of how talented he truly is with a wedge in his hands.

#3 The Clay Pigeon Shot

If you haven’t seen any of the Challenge Shots from the European Tour’s YouTube Channel, you are in for a treat. Here’s our favorite!

#4 Super Backspin

Rickard Strongert isn’t just one of the best trick shot artists out there, he’s also one of the best trick shot instructors! Take a look at how he walks you through hitting this simple sand shot that will leave your friends scratching their heads.

#5 Spin the Ball on the Clubface

When the Tiger Woods Nike Ad came out where he juggles a golf ball on the face of his wedge, jaws dropped. Mr. Strongert (from the previous video) takes it a step further by spinning the golf ball on the clubface.


Were there any shots we missed? Be sure to add your favorites in the comments section below!

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