The Lifestyle & Fashion of Women’s Golf (3/3)

When it comes to providing players with exercise, golf sometimes gets a bad rap. People look at some of the other sports like football, the other football, and pretty much any game that has the word ball in its name, and they ask “How much exercise can you get out of a sport that supplies you with motorized carts and a personal servant to carry your bag?” Well, a surprising amount, it turns out. Ok, you’re better off if you ditch the cart and the caddy, but even if you do decide to drive from hole to hole like a slug in a polo shirt, it’s possible to get a good days worth of exercise while still enjoying the gentlemanly past time of smacking the crud out of things and hanging out in a park. Check out this infographic to see exactly what a round of golf can do for your health.


 The Lifestyle & Fashion of Womens Golf (3/3)




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