Donald Reclaims World #1, For Now

Luke Donald © Gallo Images


After sinking a short birdie putt on the first playoff hole during the Transitions Championship on Sunday, Luke Donald recaptured his world #1 status from Rory McIlroy. McIlroy, who has no plans to play until The Masters in April, released the following statement via Twitter after Donald’s win:”Well I enjoyed it while it lasted! Congrats Luke Donald! Impressive performance!”

McIlroy held the game’s top spot for only two weeks, but you can be sure he will be focused to get it back by the time he reaches Augusta, a tournament he led heading into Sunday last year. Donald’s steady and consistent play has kept him near the top of the World Golf Rankings for the better part of the last two years.

McIlroy’s aggressive, flashy style is in stark contrast to Donald’s methodical fairways and middle of greens mentality. Donald has certainly been the most consistent golfer over two years, but there isn’t a hotter golfer than McIlroy on the planet for the last 4 months. McIlroy certainly has the talent to hit any required shot at anytime, whereas Donald continually puts himself in a position where he doesn’t have to hit hero shots.

In many ways they are the golf worlds version of the torturous and the hare. But with youth, talent, and major championships on his side, look for McIlroy to make a run back to the top come Masters time- and this time keep the spot for much longer than 2 weeks.






Luke Donald © Gallo Images

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