Don’t crown a new king just yet. McIlroy is not Tiger, yet.

Rory McIlroy thoroughly dismantled both Congressional and the field at the U.S. Open this week, setting more than a few records in the process. McIlroy is the first golfer to receive such universal acclaim since Tiger Woods in 1997. As impressive as this week was he has a long way to go to match the accomplishments of Tiger Woods, and chances are Tiger will add more than a few wins to his tally before he calls it quits. The ability of Rory to hold a PGA Tour card will also impact how his career stacks up against that of Woods. The PGA Tour currently requires a minimum of 15 events a year to hold a card, something that Rory will not be able to do given his busy international schedule. If this does not change he will not catch Tiger, but may end up having a better career. Rory currently has one major, one PGA Tour win, and one European Tour win. He has to win 13 more majors, 70 PGA Tour events, and 37 European Tour events to catch Tiger. That is asking a lot of anyone, even Rory McIlroy.

It is all part of the ever changing face of golf. International players are dominating the scene and at times the European Tour has stronger fields than the PGA Tour. If the PGA Tour does not loosen it’s restrictions they could very well be losing top players to international events. What McIlroy accomplished this week is exactly what golf needs. Tiger made people accustomed to drama and the excitement of records being broken. McIlroy brought that back for the week, hopefully he will continue to deliver.

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