Going low on the PGA Tour

When Tiger was blowing away the competition on the PGA Tour many were calling for tougher courses. Now it seems that everyone is going low, even with the new grooves on the wedges. With Goydos shooting 59, Ryo Ishikawa shooting a 58, Stricker a 60, and McIlroy firing a 63 in the British Open it seems that now would be a good time to start talking about making courses more difficult. The majors are really the only time we see the leaders struggle. It is certainly fun to watch a bunch of birdies it adds more to the competition if there is a little struggle involved. Over the next couple of years I would not be surprised to see some additional changes in equipment as well. The USGA seems to be scrambling to make up ground to keep things difficult and the groove rule did not do that much to help.

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