Is Tiger leaving Sean Foley?

The rumor mill is swirling this morning regarding the future of the controversial Tiger Woods and Sean Foley team. This is still just a rumor, but it does seem to make sense. Tiger has been with Foley for about a year and his game is still relatively weak, though it is impossible to know what extent his injuries have contributed. Tiger is not getting any younger and the fear that he imposed in his competitors has vanished over the last several years, beginning with Y.E. Yang passing him at the PGA. That moment may have shown the rest of the PGA Tour that he could be beaten, and since then it has all gone down hill for Woods.

When Jack Nicklaus was in his prime he took time off to be with his family. Since Tiger burst on the scene 15 years ago, Jack has always said that it is impossible to know how family and injuries will impact a career. His comments were dismissed at the time simply because Tiger was unbeatable. Now those comments seem to be coming to fruition. Perhaps only someone who has been in the same position can have the ability to understand how difficult the demands can be. It is beginning to seem as though we will never see the Tiger that once completely ruled the golfing world.

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