Last Chance for Tiger Woods to Save 2011

The President’s Cup will take place in just one month. Freddy Couples added Tiger Woods as a Captain’s Pick, a very controversial move. Tiger Woods has not progressed much in 2011. We are approaching the two year anniversary of the car crash and ensuing scandal. Tiger Woods has a new caddie, a new swing, and has fallen to number 52 in the World Golf Rankings. Woods finished in a tie for 30th place at the open, a full ten shots back of Bryce Molder. If Tiger is struggling to compete in a Fall Series event, with a relatively weak field, how much can be expected at the President’s Cup next month?

As silly as Couple’s pick seems, there is a slight chance it will pay off. TV ratings will certainly be higher with Tiger being involved. Whether he plays well, or loses every match, people still want to see him. The biggest issue will be the team dynamic, Woods has never been known as a team player. This year, many of the players may resent the fact that he is there at all. He certainly did not earn his place on the team with his recent play, that could cause some issues. The only logical conclusion would be that Fred Couples felt pressured to select Woods for the attention it will bring, not necessarily his ability to strengthen the team.

The best case scenario would be that Wood’s plays well, really well. American golf needs a leader and Tiger Woods is probably the most talented golfer in history. He has made some incredibly stupid mistakes, but everyone does. If he can pull his game together and contribute to the team, he may gain the confidence he needs to move forward. If he continues to struggle and the U.S. team loses, it could set him back even more and move American golf further down the ladder.

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