PGA Championship 2012

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Well the tournament is over. Nothing left but the memory. Thursday was Carl Petterson and his excellent play. What really jumped off the first day leader-board was John Daly. Could he keep it going and actually contend for a third major and second PGA. At 4 under anything seemed possible. He really has had a better year this year, with a top ten last week many were pulling for him and he finished respectably but at this point majors aren’t in his future. The Senior tour looms and if he can maintain his health mental and physical hopefully he can have a nice second career.

Friday Kiawah fought back the good scoring of Thursday was gone a a new record high scoring was set for a PGA Championship. Out in front, leading the pack Tiger Woods. The old Tiger. He was the guy that could tame any course. He was best player on the course. While many root against him now ,since his fall from grace. He still has his fans and many pulling for him. Sadly this is a new Tiger. Proving over and over again in this year’s majors he’s not who he was. Saturday would only show us again he’s one of us mere mortals.

Saturday was the beginning of the storm. Both in terms of weather, and Rory McIlroy’s emergence. By the time the lighting and rain came, we knew Tiger was done. Rory was putting his stamp on the tournament. It is becoming clear that when he play’s his best the field is playing for second place. Like Tiger of old, and Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus before them. There a moments in time where golf finds exceptional talents. When they are “on” It’s their tournament no matter how anyone else play’s. It appears we are beginning another era. The era of Rory. Of course only time will tell. Injuries ,and the trials and tribulations of life may take their toll. Golf greatness is not revealed in the short term. More will be revealed.

Sunday was anti climatic. After finishing up, Saturday’s round, Sunday morning. McIlroy’s three shot lead appeared too much and this turned out to be true. Carl Petterson had a nice tournament only to be set back by golf’s unforgiving rules. Ian Poulter’s birdie run on the front nine was nice. For a moment we thought there could be a fight for the trophy. But in the end McIlroy was dominate. A new PGA record 8 shot win. Now joining jack and Tiger with two majors by 23 maybe he can keep it going and we will all be along for the ride.

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