Rory’s Time to Shine

The British Open is here again and this year brings a little more excitement than usual. Rory McIlroy will attempt to solidify himself as Tiger’s replacement. McIlroy should have won the first two majors of the year, but a back nine collapse on Sunday in Augusta kept that from happening. Following his dominant performance at the U.S. Open the golfing world has already declared that he will be unbeatable. There is a lot to like about Rory McIlroy, he is extremely gifted and he has a friendly demeanor that Tiger Woods sometime lacked. However, while he is young, he still only has two PGA Tour wins to his name. Even with all of his promise, he still has a decade of superstar golf to play before getting anywhere near Tiger’s professional record.

I believe that Rory may be what golfing fans have missed since Tiger’s downfall several years ago. Without a dominant player there can’t be an underdog, without an underdog we don’t have anyone to root for. So for now Rory will be the man, until people get tired of watching him win and then perhaps we will have a replacement for Phil Mickelson to play the role of runner-up. I have always loved the British Open as it combines history, incredibly bad weather, and early viewing here in the U.S. This year may be the official beginning of a new era as well.

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