The Changing PGA Tour

There is no doubt that there is a major change occurring throughout professional golf. Over the past several years golfers in their forties and fifties are not just competing but also winning golf tournaments. Kenny Perry lost the Master’s in a playoff to Angel Cabrera, had he won he would have become the oldest winner of a major. Tom Watson had a similar fate at this years British Open.

The fact is that there is a major power shift happening on tour. Since Tiger Woods came on tour there has not been another young golfer that has won on a consistent basis. It has been the veterans that have been dominating the tour year after year. This trend seems to be growing stronger and stronger. Tom Watson won his first major is 1975 and nearly won last week at the Open Championship. This kind of longevity cannot be found or expected in any other professional sport. While we are waiting for a young golfer to follow in Tiger’s footsteps it is the Champions Tour that is bringing the most contenders to the field.

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