Tiger Rumors Swirl

It is perhaps the most media attention a slow speed, single-car accident has ever received. After an early morning crash last Friday, Tiger Woods has refused meetings with police on three different occasions. With rumors of prescription medicine, an affair, and domestic abuse all flying  details are still at a minimum. In statement on his website, the golfer took full responsibility for the accident but failed to provide any details. It appears the Tiger camp has said as much as they are willing to divulge.

Shutting the media out after an incident of this nature typically does not work well for celebrities, but Tiger is not the average celebrity. The world’s most famous athlete guards his privacy vehemently. Something he has been quite successful with up until this point. In an incident like this in a celebrity obsessed society may be tougher to swipe under the rug. With Tiger scheduled to play, and host, in the Chevron World Championship this week it will be hard to dodge the questions and murmurs.

As of now it is a waiting game. The Florida Highway Patrol has stated the investigation will continue. It appears the media will continue to dig as well.

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