Tiger still has a lot to prove before surpassing Nicklaus

Not many would argue that Tiger Woods is the best golfer of his era. Since joining the PGA Tour he has changed the game of golf, and what it takes to become competitive. Despite everything he has done and all the wins he has compiled, his legacy as the greatest golfer of all time will not be cemented until he surpasses 18 major championships. In a golfing world where Tiger rules the headlines, it is important to understand just how great Jack Nicklaus was.

For decades, Nicklaus dominated the game, much like Tiger has until recently. Now that Tiger is returning to form, many are ready to guarantee that he will reach 19 majors at some point. If he does accomplish the task, it won’t be easy. Unlike a decade ago, there are dozens of golfers that have the talent and mental capacity to beat Tiger. From Rory McIlroy to Dustin Johnson, the youngest members of the PGA Tour are showing that they have everything it takes to beat the best. When the U.S. Open begins tomorrow, all eyes will be on Tiger once again but majors will become harder to win and time passes. Tiger is getting older and has continual injuries while the rest of the field continues to gain confidence. If Tiger does surpass Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors, he is going to have to earn it.

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