Tiger Woods Coming Back?

Tiger Woods is apparently ready to make his comeback this month at the Arnold Palmer invitational. While the news is still in the rumor stages, it seems that this date would make sense if he plans to play in the Masters. It is likely that Woods would want to get a tournament or two in before the first major of the year. Many had speculated he may take the entire 2010 season off. Whenever he comes back there will still be unanswered questions. There is no doubt that he will avoid the media and reject any questions regarding the scandal or his family.

The PGA Tour can certainly gain from an earlier comeback. Woods draws larger audiences than any other golfer and a field is not considered complete until he tees off. There is no doubt that Tiger wants to catch Jack Nicklaus and obtain the one record he does not have yet, 18 major championships. If he comes back this early and is ready to play, the media circus may leave in a hurry.

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