Tiger’s new caddie and why he left Dustin Johnson

Joe LaCava has all the skills and experience a professional golfer could ask for. He has been on the bag during majors and for several of the best players in golf. LaCava caddied for Fred Couples for years, and was working for Dustin Johnson for the last couple years. Now he is the new man on the Tiger Woods team. Woods made headlines earlier this summer after firing Steve Williams, who was his caddie for all but one of his major championships. The came as a shock to everyone, including Williams. Now Tiger has hired Joe LaCava, but the Woods team is insisting that LaCava approached Tiger about the job. This is important because the last thing Tiger needs is another scandal and being accused of stealing another man’s caddie. To make the ordeal more awkward Johnson and Woods will be teammates at the President’s Cup after Fred Couples mysteriously chose Woods as a Captain’s pick. Woods’ former coach Butch Harmon, who is currently Johnson’s coach, was quick criticize the handling of the incident.

Tiger Woods has not shown much progress over the last year. Injury has been couple with scandals and has left many in the golfing world wondering if he will ever return and win another major. The timing and manner of his decisions seems to match his egomaniac demeanor. He seems to take joy in showing others he still has the power to control who works where and that no player is safe from his nonsense. It was apparently too difficult for Woods to call Johnson prior to going public. Why couldn’t he wait a week and let Bill Hass enjoy the glory of winning the FEDEX Cup? One would also have to wonder why LaCava felt that Woods would be better than Johnson in the long run. Sure Tiger is one of the greatest of all time, but he simply doesn’t have that form any longer. Johnson has had a checkered past, and for all we know may be difficult to work with. Either way there are several questions that may never be answered. One thing seems to be clear, Tiger will take any opportunity to steal the thunder and does not really care about the results of his actions.

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