Underdogs not enough to keep golf popular

Darren Clarke winning the British was one of the great comeback stories in recent history. Golf fans will always remember his performance in the Ryder Cup several years back shorty after losing his wife. It is a story worthy of a Hollywood movie, but may not be enough for golf fans. Tiger Woods appeared on the news again for something other than his playing ability, this time for the firing of his caddie Steve Williams. While Tiger attempted to portray the separation as amicable, Williams has taken every opportunity to state the opposite. There have also been articles relating to Tiger’s financial standing as his sponsorship deals dwindle to a fraction of what they once were. It is the latest in a long line of events that is the Tiger Woods circus, but it still makes headlines because it is Tiger.

As time continues to drift by with Tiger on the sidelines, golf seems to be slipping to the background of the sporting world. Whether you love or hate Tiger Woods, he is solely responsible for the meteoric rise of golf over the past 15 years. The chances of someone filling his shoes in the near future is remote, even as amateurs are regularly near the top of leaderboards in major tournaments. Tiger may not be a good person, but he has been great for the game. The excitement that captivated so many golf fans may not return until he is back at full strength, if that ever happens.

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