What will Tiger do in 2012?

Tiger Woods is set to make his 2012 debut in February. After finally winning late last year, it looks like Tiger may be ready to complete his come back. Tiger Woods has several things going for him this season. In all the time he was struggling, no other player could step up and win consistently. There were times when Rory McIlroy looked ready to be the next dominant player but he could never string together good finishes. It appears that Phil Mickelson, who is dealing with health and family issues of his own, is nearing the end of his incredible career. If Tiger Woods can win a few tournaments early this year, the intimidation factor could come right back.

No matter what Tiger does this year, it is good that he is back. The game lacked excitement when he was missing. There has never been another player that has advanced the game of golf as much as Tiger Woods. If he is able to become the top player once again, he may encourage yet another generation to take up the game.

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