Who won the FEDEX Cup?

Perhaps the confusion surrounding the final round of the Tour Championship helped Hunter Mahan and Bill Hass concentrate on the tournament. So many people had an opportunity with to take home the $10 million dollar prize even the players in contention did not know what was going on. The geeks behind the scenes have always had the goal of having a field of 30 players at the Tour Championship that have the opportunity to win the highest purse on the PGA Tour. Bill Hass took home $11.4 million USD with his win yesterday yet his first question to Jimmy Roberts was asking who won the cup.

The FEDEX Cup is kind of a mixed bag for the game of golf. The non-stop calculations during the coverage take away from the Tour Championship, an extremely important event in the history of the game. The absence of any players that are not PGA Tour members also throws a stick in the spokes. Rory McIlroy is probable the biggest name missing, but there are many other top players that don’t meet the requirements to play in the FEDEX Cup. While it is exciting to see them play for that much money, it may be more exciting to throw the top 50 golfers on a course and tell them that winner takes all. That would be the ultimate test of nerves and skill and viewers could watch without getting a math lesson every five minutes.

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