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Hole #1

The opening hole is a straightaway par 5 measuring 523 yards from the back tees. It’s possible for longer players to reach the green in two, but your second shot has been made tougher by the recently installed dry creek bed that runs across the fairway about 100 yards in front of the green. This is a good risk/reward hole.

Hole #2

This hole is a straightaway hole with a dry creek bed in front of the tee and bordering the left side of the fairway. The green is two-tiered with bunkers right and left to catch any wayward approach shots.

Hole #3

The fairway on this short hole is bordered by pine and cypress trees on each side with a fairway bunker on the right in the landing area. The green is guarded by a deep bunker in front and to the left half of the green. The green is fairly wide and has some slope, but it’s small from front to back, making the distance on your approach shot very important.

Hole #4

This is a straightaway hole with danger on both sides. To the right there is a stand of trees and a steep uphill slope, and to the left, there is a downhill slope. Your tee shot here is important. The green is large, but relatively flat and guarded by bunkers on the left and right sides.  

Hole #5

This is the #1 handicap hole on the golf course. It is a very important blind tee shot up and over a hill, which slopes down and to the left. The second shot is typically a mid-to-long iron off a downhill lie to a green that is guarded by bunkers left and right. A tough hole overall.

Hole #6

This is a straightforward hole with a large deep bunker guarding the front right of the green. There is no bailout area to the left of the green, which is large and has some slope. The tee shot on this hole is very important.

Hole #7

This is another blind tee shot over a hill to another downhill fairway that slopes to the left. The second shot is downhill to a large green. Use a mid-to-low iron to the green, which is guarded by bunkers  to the left and right of the green.

Hole #8

It is possible, especially for the longer players, to hit this dogleg left par 5 in two, if you start with a good tee shot. The green is two-tiered with a bunker to the right and one behind the green.

Hole #9

Start downhill, and be careful of the lake guarding the front right of the green and bunkers left and behind the green. The key is to hit the green. The green is large and relatively flat.

Hole #10

A straightaway shot with a fairway that tilts to the right and brings the fairway bunker into play. There is also one tall pine tree directly in the middle of the fairway, approximately 100 yards from the green, making the placement of the tee shot very important. The green is flat with a bunker guarding the front right of the green. This hole is all about the tee shot.  

Hole #11

This hole doglegs left and plays longer than it really is. The tee shot must be played to the left side of the fairway, which slopes from left to right. There is a small stand of trees that guards the left side of the fairway, making it tough to go for the green in two. The green is large and two-tiered, guarded by bunkers front left and right. 

Hole #12

The tee shot needs to stay to the center or left side of the fairway or it will roll into the rough and in the trees on the right side. The second shot is uphill to a green that can’t be seen from the fairway and is guarded by a large bunker on the left, a pot bunker on the front right, and a bunker to the right of the green. 

Hole #13

From the back tee this hole typically plays into the wind. There is a ravine/brush area to the right and out-of-bounds to the left. The green is long and has a bunker on the right side. This is a tough par 3. 

Hole #14

This hole is a severe downhill hole with common afternoon winds from the left to a downhill fairway that slopes from left to right. Players need to stay left without hitting it into the brush area. The green is two-tiered with a lot of slope from back to front, guarded by a big bunker in front of the green and a small bunker behind the green. Getting the approach shot on the right tier is important.

Hole #15

Downhill and downwind with a fairly large fairway, this hole is guarded by a bunker to the right. The second shot is uphill with a lake left of the lay-up area, guarded by bunkers front right and back left of the green. This is a good risk/reward hole and can be reached in two by the longer golfer.

Hole #16

With a dogleg right, this hole has bunkers on the right and left of the landing area. The second shot is a mid-to-low iron to a flat green with bunkers to the right-front and left of the green. Hit the tee shot into the middle of the fairway and you will have a good shot at a birdie. 

Hole #17

A straightforward hole with bunkers to the left and right of the green and an average sized green. The key on this hole is to get the distance right on the tee shot.

Hole #18

This hole favors a left-to-right tee shot to a rolling fairway with bunkers to the right. Left is out-of-bounds. The approach shot is typically a mid-to-low iron to a large, three-tiered green guarded by bunkers front-left, front-right and behind the green. The key on this green is to be on the correct tier or putting uphill.  
Back52335334438443817936551416232623724763702133564903651593773178644070.4 / 131
Middle50934633136242415735549314531223424603432003354643441453582991611369 / 12875.8 / 134
Handicap7911311351715 81042141618126    
Par M/W544443453364543454343672  
Forward46131331934235513633346912828563194222421503024413211283382663551972.1 / 127
Handicap1311135159717 12214181048166    

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Mountain Meadows Golf Course is an 18-hole championship-length golf course set amid the rolling hills, flourishing trees, and native wildlife of north Pomona. Mountain Meadows is centrally located just 30 minutes east of downtown Los Angeles and 25 minutes from Riverside, 1.5 miles north of the 10 freeway. Mountain Meadows Golf Course features rolling fairways, mature trees, and challenging greens enjoyable for both the beginning player and the expert. Golfers can expect to play a variety of different shots throughout their round and be challenged and charmed by the course's character and style. With two practice putting greens and a night-lit driving range, Mountain Meadows offers golfers a full golf experience. The clubhouse features a fully stocked Pro Shop, the Caddy Shack Café, a spacious banquet facility with room for 320+ guests, and a charming gazebo. Mountain Meadows also offers a convenience cart and BBQ for food & beverage needs.