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Hole #1

A short dogleg with the second shot heading over a small stream, the first hole has most players staying below the hole to keep from three-putting.

Hole #2

Another short hole, the second hole rewards accurate tee shots, but long shots can be risky with the tree-lined fairways. Watch out for the elevated greens surrounded by bunkers.

Hole #3

This beautiful 170-yard par 3 features bunkers near the front and back.

Hole #4

Brace yourself for this 500-yard trek. With trouble off tee on either side, you’ll need an accurate tee shot of at least 250 yards if you want to reach the green in two. Your second shot requires all carry to this elevated green with bunkers in front.

Hole #5

Measuring over 400 yards from the tips, long hitters will see the bunkers come into play, but a tee shot of 240 yards will reward you with a clear shot at the green protected by a large bunker on the front and right.

Hole #6

The sixth hole features a large fairway with trees scattered about the right half. With a bunker 230 yards off the tee on the left, an accurate tee shot must hit a 30-yard wide fairway when passing the left-side bunker. A large tree obstructs the middle of the fairway 40 yards from the green, so you may find it helpful to favor the left side of the fairway past the bunker.

Hole #7

Remember the 500-yard par 5 on the fourth hole? You may feel a little déjà vu on Hole 7 as this challenging hole gives only a 15-yard opening between the trees on the left side of the fairway and bunkers on the right. If you’re on top of your game or just feeling lucky, there’s a high risk/reward play in a second shot that allows longer hitters to get on the green in two, but keep in mind that the right third of the fairway has water in play on the last 50 yards to the green.  

Hole #8

If you can hit par on this hole, you’ll definitely come back to El Dorado Park for more! A 420-yard beast that plays closer to 450 yards, this hole has a severe dogleg left. A drive of 260 yards runs through the fairway with a single bunker providing protection from straying out of bounds. Hitting too far to the left puts you directly behind a line of large pine trees, so you’ll need to hit the ball over 200 yards with a slight draw for right handed players. Then you’ll have 200 yards playing into a green surrounded by water on the left and back, and a grass bunker and O.B. on the right. Good luck, and try to have fun!

Hole #9

The front nine wraps up with a tricky, 220-yard hole that generally plays around 190 yards for the public. Large bunkers protect the left of an extremely narrow landing zone to the green—a good test for long iron players.

Hole #10

Start the second half off with another marathon; measuring 540 yards, this hole has a large tree on the left side of the fairway, about 200 yards from the tee. You’ll need to favor the right, but draw to the left of the bunker about 240 yards off the tee. The second shot plays slightly uphill with little trouble, but the approach to the elevated green features bunkers on the front left and right. Going over the green will result in major regrets as it will roll down another 25 yards.

Hole #11

Hole 11 provides a much-needed breather if you can favor the left side of the fairway. The second shot must be straight or to the right, as there is water lining the entire left side on the way to a small, well-bunkered green.

Hole #12

A difficult par 3, this 200-yard hole features large bunkers on the front, right, and back with trees on the left. This hole favors a left-to-right fade for right-handed golfers.

Hole #13

You’ll encounter immediate trouble 200 yards off the tee on Hole 13 with a large lake on the left and a thick patch of trees (seems like a forest!) on the right. Down the narrow fairway, your second shot must clear a 70-foot tree on the right side of the fairway just 40 yards from the green.

Hole #14

While the wide fairway does not involve a lot of trouble on this hole, the bunker blocking the front-right of the green is a major concern. The green is elevated and well-bunkered.

Hole #15

This wide fairway narrows around the 240-yard mark and a drive of 280 yards will land you in the stream. Your second shot should favor the right side as the lake goes up to the front-left of the green.

Hole #16

This short par 4 is all risk/reward. Longer hitters can carry the fairway bunker on the right, leaving a short pitch to an elevated green. Fall short, though, and you’ll land in lots of trouble on the left with multiple trees and several bunkers.

Hole #17

The biggest challenge on this short hole is the prevailing wind—check the flags for direction to catch all the help you can get.

Hole #18

This final hole is a deceptively short par 5 that allows long hitters to reach the green in two. Before going for the glory, though, keep in mind that the approach shot is all carry over a large lake surprisingly close to the middle-right of the green. You might want to hold your breath on this swing!
Back35735315549937037649642319532245433751963923673773281684913237646171 / 127
Middle33834214647536435847440918330895273581803763533623181474793100618969.7 / 12576.9 / 132
Handicap5717111331519 68102144181216    
Par M/W443544543365434444353672  
Forward2790044900036015112390003270321000648188772.5 / 125
Back33833113747534734442342318330015082811643763413623071294082876587774.5 / 132
Handicap7111719135315 21614812610184    

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Please join us in meeting fellow new Players Club members and the team at El Dorado Park Golf Course for a short tour and a coffee break

If you're looking to golf Long Beach, El Dorado Park Golf Course is a magnificent 18-hole long beach golf course with a layout that can truly be called a "player's course" due to its expansive layout and numerous water hazards. Built in 1962 by golf legend Ted Robinson, Sr., the course measures 6,921 yards with a par 72. El Dorado Park Golf Course offers extensive practice facilities and a full-service restaurant, and has been ranked among GolfLink's Top 100 Golf Courses in 2008m and was named WeddingWire's Best of 2012. In addition, the course was the previous venue of the Queen Mary Open, and is now the site of the prestigious Long Beach Open.