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Thank you for your interest in American Golf Corporation. Our courses and clubs spend over $200 million annually on products and services from more than 25,000 suppliers. Please review the following guidelines for information regarding our approved suppliers.

Food and Disposables: Our current agreement is with entegra Procurement Services, a subsidiary of Sodexho. New products and suppliers are reviewed periodically throughout the year by our entegra Procurement Services account representative. Please contact our representative noted below for more information.



You must meet the following minimum criteria to be considered as an approved supplier. Your company must be able to provide national coverage for your products or services and have been in business for a minimum of 3 years.

If your company meets these minimum requirements, please forward a detailed description of your products or services and what benefits these would be to American Golf. You can send this information to our specific contacts below:

Supplier Contacts

Lorel Snyder
Client Procurement Services Director
Entegra Procurement Services
T: 630 810 1144 x33109
F: 630 810 9488

[email protected]