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Hole #1

Start the course off with a forgiving par 4 that plays downhill to a green guarded by two large bunkers.

Hole #2

Playing uphill, this tree-lined par 4 features another green protected by two sizeable bunkers.

Hole #3

What goes up must come down…be careful on this downhill par 4 with a large, open fairway and a green protected by trees on the right and a bunker on the left.

Hole #4

Enjoy the scenery on this downhill par 3, incorporating a lush green that resembles a 3-leaf clover, allowing the hole to play host to three distinct pin positions.

Hole #5

The fifth hole is a dogleg left with hefty, rolling hills on the fairway. If you carry the large hill in the fairway, you will have a wedge into a two-tiered green.

Hole #6

Hole 6 is a dogleg right that’s reachable in two, especially if you try to carry the large fairway bunker on the right.

Hole #7

The foremost handicap hole on the course, this long par 4 requires a hefty tee shot that will leave you with a long-to-mid iron approach to an uphill, undulating green guarded by bunkers short-right.

Hole #8

Hole 8 is an uphill par 3 with bunkers and trees to the left and very little wiggle room on the right. A large mound in the middle of the green makes going for the flag essential.

Hole #9

The ninth hole offers another reachable par 5 for long hitters, with an O.B. left.

Hole #10

Start the back 9 off with a short par 4 that offers golfers a birdie opportunity if they can avoid the fairway bunker near the cart path and stay below the flag on the green, which slopes back-to-front.

Hole #11

Take a breather with this simple uphill par 3. Trust the correct club choice and hit a high shot down the tree-lined approach.

Hole #12

The twelfth hole is a sharp dogleg left that may require that longer hitters keep their drivers in the bag. A well-placed tee shot will leave you with a wedge into a receptive green.

Hole #13

The next two holes leave you at the mercy of the strong ocean breeze. If the wind is in your face, this par 4 will play long with O.B. right.

Hole #14

If the wind is with you on the fourteenth hole, a mid-to-short iron will leave you with an approach to a receptive green. Watch out for the O.B. right just off the tee.

Hole #15

While not the longest in terms of yards, this is Dyker Beach’s most challenging par 5. With a fairway that slopes left-to-right toward O.B. or blocked by an obstructed view, the green requires a solid shot to land. Golfers will be left with a long iron or wood into an uphill green with a bunker on the left and a severe drop off to the right.

Hole #16

Don’t let the yardage on this short par 4 fool you—Hole 16 is home to one of the trickiest greens on the course, so be ready to watch your putt break uphill.

Hole #17

Close in on the end of the course with the most vicious par 3 at Dyker Beach. An uphill 203-yard hole that plays more like 220 yards, you’ll have difficulty holding the dome-shaped green with a long iron or wood. Par is a great score here, and birdies deserve extra applause.

Hole #18

Finish the game with a lovely hole where a solid tee shot will leave you with birdie potential if you can make sure that your ball finds its way into the heart of this green, which is thoroughly protected by bunkers.
Back37035042620034145842217549132334001603344414284583882033933205643870.5 / 118
Middle35433141619032644640616148231123811453244314104403651853833064617669.4 / 116
Handicap18164148122106 1117131379515    
Par M/W444345435364344
Forward33932340617330941634714233927943111323143913653622811113052572536670.2 / 117
Handicap1593117511713 12161081426184    

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Dyker Beach Golf Course is a beautiful 18-hole championship course located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, below the shadows of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Come experience lush, green fairways and top-notch greens set amidst the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn. Dyker Beach Golf Course is convenient to get to, located close to both the Belt Parkway and the BQE. If you are using public transportation we are just 4 blocks from the R Train Station and across the street from a Manhattan express bus stop. We look forward to seeing you at Dyker Beach Golf Course!Dyker Beach Golf Course's new clubhouse and event venue is now open. If you are interested in holding any events at Dyker Beach, such as weddings, receptions or corporate meetings or events, please visit nycevents.americangolf.com by clicking the logo above for more details. Hurry while dates are still available!