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Oso Creek Golf Course Scorecard

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Hole #1

The first hole at Casta del Sol has a beautiful, wide fairway, though the fairway bunkers to the left off the tee will make your second shot into the green a bit difficult.

Hole #2

The green on the second hole is open for run-up shots from the left and the middle. Careful, as the right side of the green is protected by a large bunker.

Hole #3

Another par 3 with a deep bunker protecting the front left of the petite green. Accuracy is at a premium here.

Hole #4

Longer hitters can go for the green from the tee, but beware the creek and small pond along the left of the fairway. The green here is large and flat except for the back quarter.

Hole #5

This par 3 plays uphill to a blind green with a troublesome bunker to the left. A short hit to the right side of the green can kick onto the green, as long as players avoid a small bunker on the right.

Hole #6

A small lake forces this fairway to dogleg slightly to the left, and a large bunker protects the right. Avoid the bunker to the right to set yourself up for a relatively easy second shot downhill to a large and receptive green.

Hole #7

A fairly straightforward par 3 with bunkers protecting the left and right of the small green, which slopes back to front.

Hole #8

Be careful on this hole. The green is long and skinny, with a bunker on the right that catches many a wayward ball. The green here is fairly flat, so putting is reasonable... as long as you make it on the green.

Hole #9

This is a trickier par 4 than it appears like from the tee box. To lay-up safely, you should hit the 120-yard mark, but it’s a tough shot as the fairway has a significant slope from right to left. Many lay-up attempts run off the fairway and into the creek that runs along the left. The creek also runs across the fairway, about 100 yards in front of the green. Interested in some risk/reward? Longer hitters can hit over the creek and into the fairway near the green, but the further right you drive the ball, the longer the carry to clear the creek. From there, you’ll have an uphill shot to a relatively flat green.

Hole #10

Feeling lucky with your long shots? Strong hitters can go for the green on this hole. Drives down the right side of the fairway usually get a good kick and roll into the fairway or green. Try not to stray too far left as you’ll land in the trees. The greenside bunker in the front left is not a bad place to put your drive, though the safest play is hitting where the fairway is widest, leaving you 75-90 yards in for a second shot to the large, flat green. Definitely a birdie hole.

Hole #11

A blind play uphill to a wide, short green, this hole will reward conservative hitters as the backside of the green has a steep back-to-front slope. Shots can be run up to the green.

Hole #12

The signature hole of Casta Del Sol features beautiful views of the clubhouse, course, surrounding mountains, and beautiful homes. Though technically the shortest hole on the course, this will play longer than you expect as prevailing winds tend to blow right up this hole and into the face of the golfer. It’s tough to safely escape the deep front bunker that protects the green, which slopes back-to-front.

Hole #13

Longer hitters can go for the green in one, but mind the danger left and right of the fairway—trees and a small creek line the entire length of the left side, while right is OB in the houses. Safe shots in the fairway will leave golfers 75-100 yards into a relatively flat green.

Hole #14

Playing slightly uphill to an undulated green, shots to the left of the green tend to veer to the left, whereas shots to the right have a chance to bounce on the green, provided they miss the greenside bunker on the right.

Hole #15

This hole appears downhill but usually plays to the yardage. Winds also tend to blow into the golfer’s face on this hole. With a bunker and water to the left of the green, shots to the right tend to kick off the hillside and sometimes end up on the green, which is relatively flat except for the back third. If the pin is in the back, try to leave your tee shot below the hole.

Hole #16

This hole also looks short with a downhill illusion, but again, it tends to play to the yardage, or even longer. The winds often funnel against golfer’s shots, and the bunker to the right of the green is deep and difficult to navigate if you land there.

Hole #17

The first of two particularly difficult finishing holes, this hole really challenges golfers with visions of a great round. Usually playing longer than the scorecard indicates, the green is large and inviting but takes a good shot of nearly 200 yards to hit the green, which is flat for the front two-thirds.

Hole #18

The toughest hole on the course and one of the toughest par 3's in Orange County, this final hole is a true decider when a match is on the line. All 225 yards from the back tees play to a slightly elevated green. The bunker is protected by water and a bunker on a left, as well as a bunker to the right. Long and left or right is also a tough up-and-down as the green slopes front-to-back and right-to-left. Consider yourself accomplished for making par on this hole.
Back28517114626616829614817431719712421721182881631621361932251699367057.4 / 9561.8 / 102
Forward27015313325516128213815529518422271541132701441451211762041554339656.1 / 9160 / 98
Handicap1191513571731 16618810121442    
Par M/W43343433431433433333
Handicap3111513571791 12818241610614    

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Located in beautiful Mission Viejo, Oso Creek is a challenging, par 61 executive layout featuring bentgrass greens and Bermuda fairways. Designed by Ted Robinson and measuring 3,670 yards, the holes on this Mission Viejo golf course range from 122-235 yards for the par 3's, to a max of 317 yards for the par 4's. Accurate shots are required and so Oso Creek is demanding enough for the lower-handicap golfer, yet forgiving enough for all. Additionally, Oso Creek Golf Course offers visitors a host of amenities including a fully stocked Pro Shop, restaurant, multi-functional clubhouse, bar & grill, snack bar and cart rental.