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Hole #1

There is an out-of-bounds left that runs nearly the entire length of this first of three par 5’s. Any drive in the fairway will set you up nicely for your second shot. Big hitters can reach the green in two, but a couple of greenside bunkers create a narrow opening. It’s a great birdie opportunity to open your round.

Hole #2

Bunkers and a false front guard this tricky par 3. You don’t want to miss left when trying to hit the green.

Hole #3

Trees on the left and a fairway bunker on the right make for a testing tee shot. A driver is not necessary on this short par 4. Accuracy is more important than distance to set yourself up for hitting this narrow green.

Hole #4

This #2 handicap hole is a slight dogleg left with a demanding tee shot. Fairway bunkers run down the left-hand rough, so try to favor the right side of the fairway as this will open the green up and take the greenside bunker out of play.

Hole #5

It is important to hit the fairway here as trees line both sides. Favor the left side of the fairway for a better view of the flag when hitting into this shallow green.

Hole #6

Water in front and to the right guard this narrow green. Its sloped and soft front means you should take an extra club to avoid the water on this otherwise relatively easy par 3.

Hole #7

This dogleg right is a risk/reward hole with bunkers to the left and trees and a creek to the right. A driver is not necessary as you can go through the fairway. Conservative play is a fairway wood or long iron at the 150 marker to open the green up; however, big hitters can get close if they feel a driver is worth the risk.

Hole #8

Water left and fairway bunkers right make this hole a tough tee shot. Hitting the fairway is imperative, so a fairway wood or long iron may be necessary to avoid reaching the hazards. Par is a great score here.

Hole #9

This long par 5 has bunkers left and water down the right. You may reach the creek with a driver, so a fairway wood or long iron is the smart choice here. The water hazard and a greenside bunker to the right require a layup shot to the left side of the fairway. Big hitters can reach in two, but the green is protected by two deep bunkers.

Hole #10

Hitting the fairway is more important than distance on this short par 4. Favor the left side of the fairway to avoid the hazard right and set yourself up for your second shot into this sliver of a green.

Hole #11

This long par 3 has a 2-tiered green that is protected by three bunkers. Take an extra club here. Par is a great score here.

Hole #12

Your driver is not necessary on this sharp dogleg left. A fairway wood or long iron at the 150 marker with a slight draw will set you up nicely for your approach shot. Trees before the green mean you should aim at the right of the green.

Hole #13

This long par 4/5 has water to the right and bunkers down the left. A drive down the left side of the fairway is the ideal tee shot. A long yet accurate second shot is required here as bunkers in front and to the left guard this sloped green. Par is an excellent score here.

Hole #14

Think conservative play on this narrow dogleg such as hitting a fairway wood or long iron at the 150-yard marker with a slight fade. Water is on the right and hazard is to the left, so hitting the fairway is crucial. Being short on your approach is better than long when hitting into this narrow and undulated green.

Hole #15

This short par 4 may offer redemption as you can drive the green if you are willing to hit it over the conifer pines to a blind green with water all down the right side. Do it if you are a big hitter. Safe play is to take a long iron off the tee to hit the fairway as the small 2-tiered green is surrounded by big, deep bunkers and is hard to hit from the rough.

Hole #16

The ideal line on this hole is over the trees and bunkers to the left of the fairway to give you a shorter approach. Smart play is to hit the 150 marker with a slight draw. The Upper Truckee river runs through this hole, so you may have to layup, or take half a club more when hitting into this narrow and sloped green.

Hole #17

What you see is what you get on this short par 3. Water in front and trees surrounding require an accurate tee shot into this raised green, but a birdie is attainable.

Hole #18

Our finishing hole begins with a slight dogleg right with the ideal tee shot right at the marker post. Right is in the trees and will obstruct your second shot. Water runs down the entire left length of this hole. Big hitters can get home in two. The smart play is to layup with your second shot to give yourself a good line at the sloped green guarded by a tricky greenside bunker.  
Back53620141443541418535341256135113912034084533902893711505753230674171.3 / 124
Middle51116437239340115832840152832563741833894363742833601345383071632769.4 / 12074.1 / 126
Forward49514736236936112430738644129922641443624233582783441094292711570367.1 / 11571.2 / 117
Handicap12101424161886 5133171791511    
Par M/W534443445364344444353571  
Handicap1179511151373 12164148102186    

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Just minutes from the South Shore Casinos, located in a mountain meadow surrounded by the High Sierras and the Upper Truckee River, Lake Tahoe Golf Course is Lake Tahoe's best championship golf value and a breathtaking South Lake Tahoe golf course. This spectacular 18-hole golf course will challenge golfers of all levels, with water coming into play on 13 holes, dramatic elevation changes, and small greens protected by deep bunkers. Whether you're an accomplished player, novice, or have never picked up a club before, Lake Tahoe Golf Course offers something for everyone. Plus, the course offers a grass tee driving range complete with practice greens and bunkers, a fully stocked Pro Shop, snack bar, restaurant; plus bar and grill. Located just minutes from the South Lake Tahoe Airport, the Lake Tahoe Golf Course is convenient for all Lake Tahoe visitors and those passing through.